Studying in Australia offers advantages in applying for (PR) permanent residency, and it also  helps in finding a job during school or afterwards. Students in Australia are permitted to work 20 hours per week.

Australian institutions are educating more than 4,15,000 international students. For many, the most powerful lure is the reputation of quality and the diversity of Australia’s education system.

Students are attracted by the country’s natural and man-made wonders, the peaceful environment, the cosmopolitan cities, multicultural communities, work & study structure and relatively low cost life style. They enjoy the challenge and freedom of studying overseas and the status that comes from studying at educational institution which have a reputation for excellence.

Study in Australia promotes innovative, creative and independent thinking for higher education. You will learn the essential skills of teamwork. Your higher education in Australia will teach you to communicate effectively with others and to develop the practical skills and intellectual abilities you need for global success.

Your teachers will encourage you to think of original, practical solutions to real world problems. Upon graduation, your qualification will make you highly sought after by Australian and international employers.

Cost Effective quality education

Australia offers significantly lower annual tuition fees for many popular courses at universities and institutions. Bachelor degrees can also be completed in only three years (exceptions include degrees in Engineering and medicine) compared with four years in America. This does not indicate that lower cost courses translate into lower quality outcomes. On the contrary Australia has an international reputation for equipping school , college and university students with skills and qualifications that are recognized around the world. The Australian Qualifications not only comply with national standards, but they are also likened to agreements Australia has with international organizations like Asia-Pacific economic cooperation group, the United Nations and the European group.

Quality Assurance

Australian universities are widely known for the quality of their teaching and research. Australia’s approach to vocational education and training leads the world in innovation and quality.

Australia has emerged as a leader in the development of international benchmarks for proper accreditation, consumer protection and qualifications recognition. The Australian government is committed to protecting Australia’s reputation as a source of quality higher education and training.

Multicultural and safe environment

Australia is a very safe country compared with almost anywhere in the world. Political unrest is limited in Australia, crime rates are low and strict gun control laws provide a safe environment.

Australia is accepting of all religions. Your right to practice your faith without persecution or discrimination is protected by law. Australians value the wealth of cultural diversity that international students bring and offer a host of support services to help you settle into life in Australia.

Australians are open, friendly people and you will receive a warm welcome. Australia is a young, vibrant and friendly country for you to live, learn and grow. If you are looking for quality education and a good lifestyle, Australia is the place to pursue your higher education.

Australian Qualifications Frame work (AQF)

In 1995, Australia adopted the Australian Qualifications Frame work (AQF), a unified system of national qualifications in schools, vocational education and training (TAFEs and private providers) and the higher education sector (mainly universities). The AQF is recognized by employers and education bodies and institutions both in Australia and internationally.

  1. The Secondary Schools Sector;
  2. The Vocational Education and Training sector (TAFE and registered private providers); and
  3. The higher education sector (mainly universities).

National office of overseas skills Recognition (NOOSR)

NOOSR is an Australian government organization that assists Australian institutions to recognize qualifications from overseas. NOOSR works to promote the recognition of Australian qualifications internationally. NOOSR aims to help overseas qualified people study and work in Australia

Education Services for overseas students (ESOS) Act 2000

In 2000, Australia introduced the ESOS Act 2000. The ESOS Act and regulations set out the legal framework governing delivery of education to overseas students studying in Australia on a student visa.

The Australian Government, through the Department of education, Employment and workplace relations (DEEWR) administers the ESOS Act and its associated instruments.

ESOS ensures that Australian institutions must meet requirements for registration. If an institution doesn’t meet stringent standards for marketing activities, higher education delivery, facilities and student support services, it isn’t registered. This means that the non-registered institution cannot enroll international students.

The ESOS legislation provides consumer protection. This means you will receive the tuition for which you have paid, and your fees is protected by law.

Commonwealth Register of institutions and Courses for Overseas Students (CRICOS)

CRICOS is a database of over 1000 registered Australian Education institutions. To be able to recruit, enroll and teach international students an Australian Education Institutions must be registered on CRICOS.

As an overseas student on a student visa, you must study with an education provider and in a course that can be found on (CRICOS).


We offer FREE admission support for following institutions


Academia International Australia

Academies Australasia Australia

AH+B Australia

AICE Australia

AICL Australia

AMI Education Australia

ANU College Australia

Asia Pasific International College Australia

Australia Academy of Commerce Australia

Australian Catholic University Australia

Australian College of Applied Education Australia

Australian College of Learning & Ausphin Australia

Australian Ideal College Australia

Australian Institute of Commerce and Technology Australia

Australian Institute of Music Australia

Australian Institute of Translation and Interpretation Australia

Australian International Conservatorium of Music Australia

Australian International Performing Arts High School Australia

Australian Internship Australia

Australian National Airline College Australia

Australian national Institute of Business & Technology Australia

Australian National University Australia

Australian Online Institute Australia

Australian Pasific College Australia

Australian School of Management Australia

Australian Technical & Management College Australia

Australian Training & Education Centre Australia

Baxter Institute Australia

Blue Mountain International Hotel Management School Australia

Bond University English language Institute Australia

Boxhill insittute of TAFE Australia

Bridge Business College Australia

Brisbane College of English & Brisbane College of Australia Australia

Brisbane North Institute of TAFE Australia

Business Institute of Australia Australia

Cambridge International College Australia

Canberra Institute of Technology Australia

Carrick Australia TBA Cass Training International College Australia

Castle College Australia

Charles Sturt University (Waga Waga) Australia

Central Queensland University (CQU) Australia

Curtin University Australia

Deakin University Australia

Education Centre of Australia (ECA) Australia

Excelsior College Australia

Gold Cost Learning Centre Australia

Greenwhich College Australia

Griffith University Australia

Hales Institute Australia

Holmes Australia

Holmesglen Australia

Hotel School Intercontinental Sydney Australia

IBN College Australia

IIBIT Australia

Insearh Australia

Intensive English Language Institute (IELI) Australia

International College of management Australia

International College of management Sydney Australia

ISBT (on behalf of Uni of New England) Australia

Ivanhoe Grammar School Australia

James Cook University Australia

JET English College Australia

JMC Academy Creative Industries Australia

Kangan Batman Institute Australia

Kaplan Business School Australia

Kent Institute Australia

King’s own Institute (KOI) Australia

Latrobe University Australia

Le Cordon Bleu Sydney

Lonsdale Institute Australia

Macquarie Grammar School Australia

Macquarie University Sydney Australia

MEGT Australia

Melbourne City Institute of Education (MCIE) Australia

Melbourne Institute of Business and Technology Australia

Melbourne Institute of Commerce (MIOC) Australia

Melbourne Language Centre & Stott’s Colleges Australia

Menzies Institute of Technology Australia

MHM Australasia Pty Ltd Australia

Navitas Australia

NMIT Australia

Performance English Australia

Pittwater House School Australia

Queensland University of Technology Australia

Raffles College of Design and Commerce Australia

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology(RMIT) Australia

RMIT English worldwide Australia

Salford College Australia

Sarina Russo Institute Australia

Silver Trowel Trade Training Pty Ltd Australia

Southern Cross Education Institute (SCEI) Australia

Spencer College Australia

St George and Sutherland Community College Australia

St. Paul International College Australia

Stanley College Australia TBA Stella Marris College Australia

Study Group Australia

Swinburne University Australia

Sydney Business & Travel Academy (SBTA) Australia

Sydney College of Business and IT (SCBIT) Australia

Sydney Hair Design College (previously known as Pivot Point) Australia

TAFE NSW Australia

The Institute of Education Australia

The Knox School Australia

Think Education Group Australia

Trade Institute of Victoria Australia

Tropical North Queensland TAFE Australia

Universal Institute of Technology Pty Ltd Australia

University of Ballarat (UB) Australia

University of Canberra Australia

University of New England Australia

University of New Castle Australia

University of Queensland Australia

University of Southern Queensland Australia

University of Sunshine Coast Australia

University of Tasmania Australia

University of Technology Sydney (UTS) Australia

University of Western Sydney Australia

University of Wollongong Australia

UNSW Global Australia

Western Institute of Technology Australia TBA Windsor Institute of Commerce Australia

The Ashmark Institute of Australia

Australian School of Tourism and Hotel Management(ASTHM)

Australian School of Business Administration, Technology & Research (AUSBATR)

Australia Tasmania College of Technology (ATCT)

Basair Aviation College

Shafston College

Canberra Institute of Technology(CIT)

Carrick Institute of Education

Gordon Institute of TAFE

Holmesglen Institute of TAFE

Southbank Institute of Technology

Australian Institute of Technical Training(AITT)

Gold Coast Institute of TAFE


Austrilian Industrial Systems Institute(AISI)

Menzies Institute of Technology

Holmes Colleges Australia Pty Ltd

Melbourne Campus Insearch

The University of Tasmania

Sydney Institute of TAFE English Centre(SITEC)

Academy of Interactive Entertainment Ltd (AIE)

Headmasters Academy Pty Ltd

Brisbane North Institute of TAFE (BNIT)

TAFE NSW Hunter Institute

Hospitality Training Association Inc.(HTA)

Perth Institute Western Australia

Melbourne Institute of Technology

Career Australia Group(CAG)

William Light Institute, Adelaide

The Austrilian Institute of Commerce and Language (AICL)

The Centre for Macquarie English (CME)


All the above universities are represented through our business associates